Saturday, May 20, 2017

Karen Handel

May 15th 2017

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll 61% of Americans consider Trump dishonest and someone who doesn't share our values. Over 66% of those polled didn't consider him level headed. This is the man who flew in to Atlanta to anoint Karen Handel in her quest to succeed Tom Price in Georgia's 6th congressional district. At the same he demanded her loyalty and in typical Trumpian fashion warned her that she better not lose. 

I certainly don't want a Trump surrogate representing me in our district. Ms Handel has glowingly accepted Trump's support and has reached out to those who favor the far-right actions that he has taken so far in his term as President. Despite the large number of democrats in our district, we have been represented for decades by dyed-in-the-wool republicans who have done little to move the country forward. It's time for a change of approach, but not the scorched earth tactics of Trump and his loyal cadre of republicans who seem hell bent on destroying all the institutions we have created for the betterment of Americans.

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