Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Witch Hunt

May 19th 2017

The AJC headline claims Trump is defiant calling the FBI probe and the appointment of R. Mueller as a special counsel a "witch hunt."  This is typical Trump tactics doubling down, diverting, distracting, and obfuscating. This may appeal to his base who have  blind faith in Trump and look for excuses to accept his abnormal belligerent behavior. But to those of us who see through his mendacious pronouncements and his bullying attitudes, it's clear the man has something to hide. An innocent man would cooperate, would release all pertinent information, including tax filings, and would work with the FBI to ensure they knew all the facts. Over the last two years we have witnessed in real time multiple statements from Trump that have been outright lies and fabrications. We have endured world embarrassment at his gaffes and mistakes and his arrogant bullying of the media and anyone who isn't loyal to him.  Time and again he has shown that he isn't qualified to be President. He doesn't understand what it means to occupy that office, and his election as a result of  our flawed system is injuring our country. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Classified Information Leak

May 16th 2017

This blundering buffoon in the Whitehouse has now put our nation at risk by handing over classified information about ISIS to Russian diplomats, one of whom is suspected of ties to the resurrected KGB agency known as the FSB. The information supplied from a friendly source was provided on the assurance of America that we would not release it to others. But Trump in his normal bragging manner  wished to impress the Russians who, against all earlier principles, were allowed in the Oval Office along with the Russian press who may also have become privy to the classified information.  

The source of this classified information is now in peril and will no longer regard America as a trustworthy ally. This man Trump is a danger to our nation and the world. His ignorance and self-aggrandizing attitude is placing us at risk. Our congress must stop turning a blind eye to these actions that verge on criminal and stop Trump before it's too late.

Karen Handel

May 15th 2017

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll 61% of Americans consider Trump dishonest and someone who doesn't share our values. Over 66% of those polled didn't consider him level headed. This is the man who flew in to Atlanta to anoint Karen Handel in her quest to succeed Tom Price in Georgia's 6th congressional district. At the same he demanded her loyalty and in typical Trumpian fashion warned her that she better not lose. 

I certainly don't want a Trump surrogate representing me in our district. Ms Handel has glowingly accepted Trump's support and has reached out to those who favor the far-right actions that he has taken so far in his term as President. Despite the large number of democrats in our district, we have been represented for decades by dyed-in-the-wool republicans who have done little to move the country forward. It's time for a change of approach, but not the scorched earth tactics of Trump and his loyal cadre of republicans who seem hell bent on destroying all the institutions we have created for the betterment of Americans.


May 11th 2017

"Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest " Henry II cries out in anger and vexation, and four of his loyal knights ride off and murder Thomas A Beckett on the steps of Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170. Jumping forward 847 years President Trump expresses the same sentiment towards his FBI Director, and his loyal courtesans dream up the scheme to remove this troublesome fellow who is shedding light on the nefarious dealings of the Trump house with our Russian adversaries. 

So it has been with Kings and Dictators throughout the ages until our founding fathers came up with a brilliant idea to build a republic with laws that would protect us against such hegemony. They devised a three tiered structure that would provide checks and balances against the temptation to fall under the rule of any single ideologue or party. It worked for most of our history but now it's under attack as weak kneed politicians refuse to stand up for our country, and follow only the needs of their own partisan survival.

Will the republicans now try to rescue our country from the avaricious and vengeful group that has taken over the reins of power, or will they bow to the pressure of the party line? It's sad to see what once was an honorable and reasonable party fall victim to extremists who care only for themselves and have little wish for the continued prosperity and success of our republic.

Health Care - Published by AJC

April 29th 2017

I was pleasantly surprised to read the guest column by Jack Bernard in the Saturday AJC. His ideas regarding the gradual expansion of Medicare to become a universal health care system for all, makes a lot of sense. As a democrat, a retiree, and a participant in Medicare, I have felt and expressed this concept for many years. To have a republican state this opinion is extremely encouraging and perhaps a glimmer of hope in this time of ideological arrogance.

We were and still are a caring nation and should be ashamed of our inadequate and costly health care system that seems to be geared only for profit hungry insurance and pharmacological businesses. It takes understanding and courage to admit that our system is a mess. We will only fix it if we look at good health care as a basic necessity for our nation and be willing to ante up some money to ensure that all are protected and guaranteed proper care.  A rational tax system that ensures health care for all surely isn't too much to ask.

Donald Trump War Mongering

April 26th 2017
What a mistake this nation made putting Donald Trump into the most powerful position in the world. The ignorance, stupidity, and incompetence that this man has displayed in his first 100 days in office has negatively impacted our country's image in the world, and threatened the economic and personal health of the very people who voted for him. His campaign promises have been proven to be found-less and his claim of superior deal making capability has been laughably absent as he muddles from one disaster to the next.

This man is a major danger to our country and the world's stability. His knee jerk reaction and sword rattling swagger is taking us to the brink of another war with the possibility of a nuclear barrage. The congress must act to curb this wild ride towards oblivion before it's too late. 

Coal Plant Pollution

April 22nd 2017

On earth day, the headline in the AJC announced that the new EPA ruling by Scott Pruitt to remove the requirements on toxic wastewater pollution from coal fired power plants would benefit Georgia. The ruling set in place by the Obama administration was intended to stop energy companies from dumping horrifically polluted water containing lead, arsenic, and other toxins into rivers that eventually becomes our drinking water.

Have we forgotten Flint Michigan so soon? Surely the possible financial benefits to energy companies are far outweighed by the risks to the health of our citizens. This ruling doesn't benefit Georgians; it increases profits for rich energy companies and places the people of Georgia in peril. This is the new era we live in under Trump and his unprincipled pro-rich, pro-business approach that leaves the vast majority of people cleaning up his mess.