Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trade Deficit

May 31st 2017

Trump's comments on Germany show a breathtaking ignorance of the free market economy. The trade deficit that exists with Germany is a reflection of the consumer demand in America for quality German products  that can't be matched by domestic producers. Moreover, German automakers employ over 33,000 Americans who manufacture German luxury cars right here in the USA and export more than $10billion annually, a sum that partially offsets our deficit. German sales in the US are less than 7% of the US auto market. This is hardly foreign domination. Additionally, investments pouring in from Germany to establish manufacturing facilities and support other American interests benefit many hundreds of thousands of working Americans. Trump's crass tweets and comments are a clear indication that he has no grasp of the complexity of the modern global economy. His unthinking pronouncements can harm decades old relationships and endanger the future for many Americans employed by German and other foreign investors.

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