Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rural Voters - Published by the AJC

May 22nd 2017

As Georgia experiences renewed growth and prosperity around Atlanta and other metropolises, as shown in the AJC article today,  our citizens living in rural areas are left behind. Many depend on the social safety net provided by Medicaid to survive and many others have lost this basic protection as a result of our state government refusing to accept the federal offer of Medicaid expansion. Now the Trump Administration is proposing a budget that would cut even further into that program and likely affect rural Georgians more than the city dwellers. Instead of providing a "New Foundation For American Greatness" as this proposal is called, it is really a first step in the dismantling of America's social safety net including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Ironically the people most negatively affected by Trump's plan  are the ones who voted for him and the republicans. Rural Georgians will be hit hard if this budget is enacted and many people will be left with nowhere to turn. It will be a sorry future for millions. Please remember this when going to the polls next time.

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