Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Politifact re Jon Ossoff on AHCA

June 14 2017

Politifact Georgia in the Wednesday AJC gave a half true rating to Jon Ossof's pronouncement that the Republican sponsored AHCA would mean massive price hikes for Georgians with pre-existing conditions. I often have a hard time understanding how the people in Politifact Georgia arrive at their conclusions. Perhaps if they rated the AHCA impact in terms of mortality probability we would get a better sense of the truthfulness or otherwise. A half true massive impact is meaningless and insulting to those Georgians suffering from pre-existing conditions.  Do they mean a reduction from Himalayan to Alpine impact or merely just Smokey Mountain level impact? In any event they appear to be out of step with Trump who rated the AHCA as Mean, Mean, Mean. I think I understand that, and so apparently does Jon Ossoff.

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