Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paris Agreement Withdrawal

June 2nd 20017

In a mistake of monumental proportions, Trump withdraws from the Paris accord on climate change. In spite of the fact that the targets are on a voluntary basis and can be adjusted as necessary within each country, Trump misses an opportunity to show real leadership and strength, and instead bows to the pressure of ill informed lobbyists from the outdated fossil-fuel industry.  A primary motivating factor seems to be his completely misplaced paranoia that other countries are laughing at us and taking us for Patsies. Coupled with his hatred for Obama and his intent to undo all the progressive steps that Obama put in place, Trump is acting like a spoiled brat and placing America in a position that the majority of the country disagree with. This decision by Trump is unforgivable, and places our children and grandchildren in harm's way. Concerned citizens need to voice their disapproval and make it clear that we are not happy with his unilateral decisions that go against the wishes and health of the country.

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