Saturday, May 20, 2017

Classified Information Leak

May 16th 2017

This blundering buffoon in the Whitehouse has now put our nation at risk by handing over classified information about ISIS to Russian diplomats, one of whom is suspected of ties to the resurrected KGB agency known as the FSB. The information supplied from a friendly source was provided on the assurance of America that we would not release it to others. But Trump in his normal bragging manner  wished to impress the Russians who, against all earlier principles, were allowed in the Oval Office along with the Russian press who may also have become privy to the classified information.  

The source of this classified information is now in peril and will no longer regard America as a trustworthy ally. This man Trump is a danger to our nation and the world. His ignorance and self-aggrandizing attitude is placing us at risk. Our congress must stop turning a blind eye to these actions that verge on criminal and stop Trump before it's too late.

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